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WordPress Plugins For Amazon Affiliate Bloggers

Being an Amazon associate is one way to make money from your blog. The tools Amazon offer however can be clunky and inserting Amazon links into your blog posts can involve a lot of copying and pasting. Here we list some of the plugins available for WordPress that help you manage Amazon product links in your blog.

  • ReviewAZON is a popular plugin with probably the widest range of features. ReviewAZON allows you to quickly and easily search Amazon for products and then incorporate those product links into your posts in a various customizable ways using templates and a host of options.
  • WP Robot is an autobloggin solution that can post Amazon products on your blogs in addition to eBay auctions, Clickbank ads, Youtube videos, articles and more.
  • Amazon Autopost is a free and easy to use plugin for WordPress weblogs that allows users to post products from on their blog automatically on any keyword they specify and earn money using Amazons affiliate program.
  • Amazon Associate Filter automatically adds your amazon associate id to all Amazon links in your posts and comments.
  • phpZon lets you quickly add keyword rich product lists, with or without product descriptions (or a “snip” of a product description) within the content of your WordPress pages or posts, providing instant impulse buying options to your site visitors.

Blogger Ads – WordPress Ad Plugins

Blogger AdsBlogger ads are one great way of making your blog pay. If you’ve got some good traffic coming to your blog, whether in quantity or quality, then showing targeted ads to your audience can monetize your blog.

Here we look at a few ad plugins for WordPress that make it easy to integrate ads into your blog. The plugin you choose will depend to a degree on the type of ads you want to show. There’s Google Adsense ads which can show text and/or image ads on your blog. The ads that are displayed depend on the content of your blog as Google tries to match the ads displayed with the context of the page they’re being displayed on and you get paid for each ad that is clicked on.

[ad#Google Adsense]

Then there’s affilliate links and ads where you get paid a commission for each sale coming from an ad you displayed on your blog. These can be through a site such as ClickBank or directly from sites such as Ebay or Amazon.

All in One Adsense and YPN

All in One Adsense and YPN is a free,  open source plugin for WordPress which automatically inserts Adsense ads or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads in to your blog posts. You can control all aspects of your ad’s display and position including optionally not showing ads in a post and how many ads to show on a page or in a post.

MaxBlogPress Max Banner Ads

Max Banner Ads allows you to add and rotate banners in your wordpress blog. You can place your banners in any position you want to on your blog and track those banners to find out how good they really are doing.

Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager also allows you to place Google Adsense and other ads on your WordPress blog and manage and optimize those ads. It automatically recognises many ad networks including Google Adsense, AdBrite, Commission Junction, OpenX, Yahoo PN and many other ad networks.

Advertising Manager provides a simple way to import your ads, widgets can be used to place ads in the sidebar and the displaying of ads can be limited by by author, category, tag, page type, and more.

That’s just a few plugins available to show your blogger ads – they’re free to use so if you don’t like one of them it’s relatively easy and painless to change to another advertising plugin.

Why Do Work Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Here’s a great Adsense plugin for WordPress – The guys at WhyDoWork have created a plugin that lets you define 10 separate Adsense code blocks (i.e. 10 different Adsense ad units) and then gives you a whole host of options for how WordPress displays these ads.

Firstly you can exclude any posts or pages that you don’t want Adsense ads on by entering the page or post IDs. You can then customize how your front page posts display Adsense ads with 3 sets of options. So for each set you choose which Adsense unit to show, how the ad will be aligned (top, top middle, middle, random etc.) and which posts to show the ads on (first post only, first and second etc. all the way down to the 10th post).

You then get a similar set of options for pages, single pages and for single pages older than x days (where x is a number of days you can specify) giving you the ability to show different adds for older pages.

It doesn’t have the ease of use of some Adsense plugins (such as All In One Adsense and YPN) in that you can’t enter your Adsense ID and customize the Ad units within WordPress. Instead you have to create your Ad units on the Adsense site (unless you’re hard core and can manually code them) and copy the code block into the plugin. WhyDoWork does however then allow you to be extremely flexible in the ad placement in your blog which some people will certainly prefer.

Check out the WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin for WordPress at