Traffic Boosting Backlinks – Free!

Everyone knows how important backlinks are to your Blog’s pagerank and therefore to your search results and therefore to your traffic!

Link building can be a time consuming and difficult process though. Many paid for back links systems simply don’t work as their basic theory is to ‘sneak’ links into high page rank sites in ways such as putting links in forum profiles and then doing a post on the forum. The problem with these kind of links is that it doesn’t take long for the website concerned to realise you’re only leeching their Google page rank and remove your links or introduce automated systems to stop back linking completely. is different though – rather than being a manual link submission service or an automated link farm they are more of a collective of blog owners who allow the system to publish posts on their blogs in exchange for their articles being published on other blogs (all with backlinks of course!).

Another difference is you have no obligation to actually allowing them to publish on your blog. Doing so however increases the amount of links you’ll get though and in the spirit of sharing we’d encourage you to add at least one blog to your account.

So here’s how it works – You create an article with backlinks to your site and submit it to choosing a category for your article. Your article is then posted to various blogs in that category (the number of blogs it’s posted on depends on whether you’ve added your own blog and whether you have free or premium membership). If you add a blog of your own you simply create an authorĀ  username and password on your blogs and assign a category and FreeTrafficSystem will post relevent articles on your site (increasing the amount of blogs your articles are displayed on).

As the system targets blog owners willing to participate in link sharing this provides a much stronger and more sustainable linking system that will last longer and be more Google friendly.

For full details visit the website here.

Ping your way to more traffic

No we’re not talking about the popular table ball game here! If you look up Ping (Blogging) you’ll find Wikipedia defines it as:

In blogging, ping is an XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated.

So in simple terms when you add a new post to your WordPress blog WordPress can say ‘Hey, I’ve got new content over here!’. When you do this some of the sites you’ve pinged add your blog in their directory, some add you to their recenPinging your blogtly updated list of blogs and some search engines take it as a prompt to come and re-index your blog – all of which is good for generating traffic!

So pinging spreads the word that you’ve updated your blog but by default WordPress only pings one pinging service – Pingomatic. Now Pingomatic is a pinging service which then pings other websites and services so is not a bad thing but I tend to think the more services you ping the better for generating traffic to you blog.

I’d encourage you first to install a pinging plugin such as MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer as this will handle your pings for you and ensure you don’t flood anyone with pings and get yourself banned. If you’re editing a lot of posts at once it’s easy for excessive pings to get sent so a ping plugin will stop that.

Then once you’ve installed a ping plugin add some more sites to your ping list. Here’s the list I’m using at the moment:

You can make up your own list or Google ‘Ping List’ and copy and paste until you get a list that seems to work best for you.