Promote yourself with Pay With A Tweet

We’ve all heard about the latest website, blog or product that went viral and achieved massive exposure just by people talking about it. Now there’s a similar way of getting your message out there using the power of social networks.

Pay With A Tweet is a social payment system where people ‘pay’ you by passing your message on to their Facebook Friends or Twitter followers.

Here’s how it works:

  • You offer people a free product, download or content and create a page or post to offer this freebie.
  • To get access to the freebie the person has click your Pay With a Tweet button – This opens up a dialog box that allows them to automatically Tweet your message and link (or post to Facebook).
  • They send the Tweet and are then directed to your freebie download.

So let’s look at what’s going on here in terms of marketing and promotion. Each visitor is being offered a free download (be it an Ebook, voucher, tool etc.). Often visitors have to join a mailing list to receive the freebie but here we’re not looking to capture their email address for a list instead we’re trying to leverage their network of friends and followers to spread the word about our product/service/blog.

Twitter and Facebook say the average number of followers and friends is roughly 120 so let’s say for each person that uses our Pay With A Tweet button our link gets posted to 120 other people and if they follow the link and Pay With A Tweet too (and have 120 friends/followers) then we’ve turned our one initial visitor into 14,400 potential visitors (120 x 120).

Of course it would be unlikely that all 120 friends or followers would visit of page and pay with a tweet too and many people have common friends so the downstream friends may not have the average 120 unique friends themselves but you get the idea that if the freebie is good enough you can easily start a social media campaign that can sustain itself for a while.

Another way you could use Pay With a Tweet is to promote the freebie page through your existing mailing list. Imagine if you have 1000 subscribers and you send them a mailshot promoting the freebie. If just 1% of those people respond then you’ll be reaching 1200 potential new prospects (1% of 1000 = 10,  10 x 120 friends = 1200) .

It’s a free and easy way to try reach new people – give it a try and let us know your success stories here!